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Mr. V Narender

Assistant Professor

M.Sc., Mathematics, B.Sc., (M.P.Cs), B.Ed.,

Short Brief

Mr. Vengala Narender is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, School of Sciences at Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad. He worked in Various Reputed institutions like RGUKT Basar, IEG Hyderabad for couple of months. He has taught mathematical subjects for B.Tech, B.pharm, M.B.A., PUC and also taught Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Statistics for Management.He worked as a Coordinator at the International Conference on Research Trends in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management.(ICRSTEM-2019) organized by Jayamukhi Institute of Technological sciences,Narasampet,during 10th -12thMay, 2019.He worked as a Coordinator of e-LSDM conducted by Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd in Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences, Narsampet, in 2015.

  • M.Sc.Mathematics, KU Warangal,      2007.

  • B.Ed. KU Warangal, 2004.

  • B.Sc.(Computer      Science), L.B.College, Warangal, 2002.

  • Guest Faculty,      RGUKT, Basar, December 16th, 2019 to May 30th,      2020.

  • Assistant      Professor, JITS Narasampet, Warangal, 15-09-2008 to 12-12-2019.

  • IT Associate, JKC      Coordinator, IEG, Hyderabad, 04-02-2008 to 13-09-2008.

  • Vidya volunteer,      Z.P.S.S. Kolanur, Jun.2004-April, 2005.

Research Area




Awards & Achievements
  • Qualified State Eligibility Test TS & AP (Mathematical Sciences) in 2015.

  • Secured 80% in online Mathematics quiz on National Mathematics day 2020 conducted by Department of Mathematics ,J.B. Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Hyderabad on 22-12-2020.

  • Qualified Central Teacher Eligibility test (Mathematics) in 2018.

  • Qualified Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Mathematics) in 2012, 2013, 2016.

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