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For Reviewers

Reviewer Instructions for MRU: International Journal of Intelligent Systems

MRU: International Journal of Intelligent Systems. All expertise and insights are invaluable in maintaining the quality and rigor of the manuscripts submitted to our journal. Below, you will find detailed instructions to guide you through the review process.

Review Process Overview:

  1. Initial Review: Upon receiving a manuscript, please assess its overall suitability for the journal's scope and standards. Ensure that the topic is relevant to intelligent systems and meets the basic criteria for publication.

  2. Plagiarism Check: Utilize available plagiarism detection tools to identify any potential instances of plagiarism or inappropriate content.

  3. Detailed Review: If the manuscript passes the initial review, carefully evaluate the content for clarity, originality, significance, methodology, results, and conclusions. Provide constructive feedback and suggestions to enhance the quality of the paper.

  4. Confidentiality: Maintain strict confidentiality throughout the review process. Do not disclose, discuss, or use any information from the manuscript in your own work.

  5. Timeliness: Promptly accept or decline review invitations. Complete your review within the specified timeframe to ensure timely publication.

Review Criteria:

  1. Relevance: Is the topic aligned with the scope of MRU: Journal of Intelligent Systems? Does it contribute to the advancement of the field?

  2. Originality: Does the manuscript present novel ideas, concepts, or approaches? Assess the paper's contribution to the existing body of knowledge.

  3. Methodology: Evaluate the methodology's soundness, appropriateness, and clarity. Is the research design appropriate for the research question? Are the methods well-described?

  4. Results and Analysis: Review the presentation and interpretation of results. Are the findings accurately presented, and are they supported by appropriate evidence and analysis?

  5. Clarity and Structure: Assess the overall organization, coherence, and clarity of the manuscript. Is the writing well-structured and easy to follow?

  6. References: Verify the accuracy and relevance of cited references. Ensure that the manuscript appropriately acknowledges prior research.

Review Submission:

  1. Reviewer Report: Provide a detailed review report summarizing your assessment and recommendations. Clearly indicate any major and minor revisions needed, and offer specific suggestions for improvement.

  2. Confidential Comments to Editor: Include any confidential comments or concerns directed to the editorial team. Highlight any ethical or policy-related issues if identified.

  3. Recommendation: Based on your assessment, recommend one of the following: Accept, Minor Revisions, Major Revisions, Reject (with specific reasons).

Ethical Considerations:

  1. Plagiarism and Originality: Alert the editorial team if you suspect plagiarism, self-plagiarism, or any unethical behavior.

  2. Conflicts of Interest: If you have any conflicts of interest, disclose them immediately to the editorial team.

  3. Fair and Objective Review: Conduct your review in an unbiased and fair manner, providing constructive criticism and guidance.

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