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National Academic Depository


‘Academic Bank of Credits’ is an academic service mechanism which is a digital / virtual / online entity established by the University Grants Commission. The purpose of the credits is to facilitate students to become its academic accounts holder, thereby paving the way for seamless students’ mobility between or within degree granting HEIs through a formal systems of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfer and credit redemption. This helps in distributed and flexible learning.

The ABC platform is a virtual repository or credit database built along the lines of the National Academic Depository, created and maintained by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, that would “store” the credit scores obtained by students in an online platform. Students will have their own accounts, each with their own ABC ID, as well as a dashboard where they can track their credit accumulation, transfer requests, and credit history. Students can also perform credit transfer initiation requests and a follow-up view request status effectively, just like in a traditional bank. In a nutshell, the ABC will make it easier to recognise, transfer, and redeem credits.

How it works?

“Credits awarded to a student for one program from an institution may be transferred / redeemed by another institution upon students consent”.
Credit transfer is the key to successful study mobility.

Institution A

Credits get deposited


Transfer of Credits

Institution B

Redeem Credits

Informative Videos 

UGC NAD/ABC bureau has developed 04 videos regarding Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) program  

Important Links to Register

  • Registration Portal

  • User Manual for Registration

  • How to Registration

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