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About Internet of Things


The Department of Internet of Things (IoT), which was established in the year 2020, diligently works to prepare its students to become skilled IoT Data Professionals with top-notch infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, and novel innovative curricula designed in accordance with the needs of industry, such as IoT Cloud and Data Analytics in business and security with AI and Machine Learning, Programming Languages for IoT, Application Security, Cloud Security, IoT using Arduino and Raspberry pi. This program furnishes student skills in vital scientific investigation, technological innovation, production planning, and quality competence in the IoT industry.

The Department has set up fully operational labs to meet UGC and AICTE standards, imparting quality project work to students in unique areas that will benefit their career prospects. The Department of IoT has highly qualified instructors, and each of them has at least a decade of teaching experience. The Faculty have extensive research experience in the fields of Internet of Things, data security and computer networks. Cutting-edge technologies like IoT, cyber security, cloud and fog computing, and software engineering have been the focus of the Centre of Excellence Labs. Collaboration with manufacturing industries and research-oriented labs through funded projects & paid internships by our department allows our students to investigate various learning strategies.

Our students' outstanding career opportunities, exposure to the industry, and academic excellence are our top priorities. The department's programs allow students to be hired by prestigious multinational companies like Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm, Google, Oracle, IBM, Apple, SAP, Gartner, ARM, Accenture, Blackberry, Amazon, Verizon, etc. MoUs have been signed with eminent organizations that offer students training programmers, internships and placements. 


IoT Career Opportunities:Academic Calendar 2022-2023
   IoT Developer
•    IoT Solution Architect
•    Embedded Programs Engineer
•    Data Analytics
•    Network and the Networking Structure
•    Network Security
•    Hardware and Devices
•    User Interface for electronic and Computer 
•    Sensors And Actuator Professional
•    Artificial Intelligence.



To foster the technological, economic, and social enrichment of the state and the country as well as to contribute to the connectivity of the global village, the department of Internet of Things aspires to be a leader by developing professional and intellectual human capital in the Internet of Things and related applications.


To perform professionally in the creation, development, organization, and management of complex technologies and products, for the betterment of society, and to advance a higher standard of living in a world that is becoming more influenced by scientific and technical innovation.

To offer an environment of academic freedom that will ensure the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas in this field among IoT students.

To be identified in such a way that promotes excellence in research, diversity in an endeavor, and multidisciplinary applications.


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