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School Of Humanities & Sciences

Department Home

The Department of Humanities and Sciences plays a vital role in grooming thestudents in their basic knowledge of science and language. The department now has a strength of 36 members (all are PhDs with a minimum of 5 years of experience)with wide-ranging experience and professional qualifications. It offers courses in Mathematics, Physics,English, and French. The department deals with Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Environmental Studies, English language skills, Business Communication Skills and Soft Skills. We equally offer comprehensive French classes consisting of contemporary lifestyle, taking into consideration present global trends in technological advancement. Besides theorypapers, the department concentrates on language laboratories to enable students to practice and hone their LSRW skills and resume preparation, group discussions, presentations, and interview skills in the forthcoming years.  The curriculum of I B.Tech offers courses in Mathematics, Englishlanguage & Physics. As the majority of the subjects offered to first-year studentsare from the H&S department, this department takes care of all the first-year students.

Being the caring department, H&S plays a productive role in the development of the organization. The faculty actively takes part in curricular, co-curricular and research activities. Writing textbooks, conducting and attending conferences, workshops, seminars, and publishing research papers are some of the key activities the faculty are involved in. The department furnishes the perceptions and needs of students of various backgrounds. It provides an enriching and exhilarating atmosphere for students from heterogeneousbackgrounds to live and study together in harmony so as to imbibe the spirit of culturaldiversity and cosmopolitan outlook. Spacious and smart classrooms andlaboratories inspire students to strive toward their academic excellence.

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