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The Department of Computer Science was the first department set up at Malla Reddy University, since inception. The B.Sc. Computer Science course is in MRUH and it was brought under private university act 13 by the Government of Telangana in the year 2020. B.Sc. Computer Science (CS) course is a job-oriented course that is having a very good reputation for the past 3 years. The curriculum for the course was designed to suit the present
requirements of Software industries, research organizations, and multinational companies. Our students are placed in various prestigious companies like SAP, Wipro and Atos etc. The department is blessed with many learned faculties, a couple of them are having more than 15 years of experience, most of our faculty are having full-time doctoral degrees from premier institutes and the remaining faculty have registered for their Ph.D.


This is the only course in the country designed towards industrial needs which is having a blend of Physics with Maths and Computer Science subjects. Apart from the laboratories with all the equipment for basic science subjects like physics and Maths, our department is having a good number of core Computer Science laboratories such as Mechanics, modern physics and other circuit related labs. The department is having a state-of-the-art research laboratory to conduct research and most of the research findings are disseminated through filing patents, publications in peer - reviewed International high impact factor journals, books, book chapters published by world-renewed publishers, such as the Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Wiley Inc., Springer Nature, etc.


To deliver higher education that focuses on holistic growth by merging science, engineering, and technology together.

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B.Sc.Computer Science


To help students to become socially responsible citizens, innovative skill-based learning practice's are being included through engagement in the physical sciences and software industries.


B. Sc in Computer Science Scope in India:

The B. Sc. in computer science has immense scope in India. Computer education has always had a lot of importance owing to the country’s IT industry. Therefore, a B.Sc in computer science degree has a lot of value and will most likely lead to employment with a good salary and benefits. Computer education in India is so important that people who do other degrees also do additional computer-based certification courses to add value to their degree.

Career/Jobs Opportunities after B. Sc in Computer Science Degree:
To know about the B. Sc in computer science, you also have to know what careers become eligible for you with the degree. Here are the career and job opportunities after B. Sc in computer science:

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Developer

  • Applications Developer

  • IT Support

  • Network Systems Developer

Benefits of Doing B. Sc in Computer Science:
Knowing the benefits of a degree course will further help you understand how it can help you in your future career, and help you in making up your mind on doing the course.

The benefits of B. Sc in computer science are as follows:

  • Career Oriented Degree – The B. Sc in computer science is a highly career- oriented degree. Right after graduation, students find employment and start their professional journey.

  • Technologically Advanced – Technology is going to be a huge part of everyday life. Therefore, getting a technology-based degree is going to be advantageous in the long run.

  • Job Security – With the B. Sc in computer science degree, you are going to find a job in the IT industry, which is one of the fastest growing and secure industries in the country. Jobs in this industry are safe.

  • High Pay Scale – B. Sc in computer science graduates get an excellent starting salary figure compared to other graduates, and this figure grows substantially over the years. B. Sc in computer science graduates make
    good money throughout their career.

  • Opens Doors to Higher Education – If you have a B. Sc in computer science degree, you can choose to study further. You can do courses like MCA, MBA or PGDM and get an amazing career.

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