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Quality Policy
  • To pursue continual improvement of Teaching Learning Process of Undergraduate, Postgraduate programmes and Research Programmes vigorously.

  • To provide State of the art Infrastructure and Expertise to impart the Quality Education.

  • To groom the Students to become Intellectually Creative and Professionally Competitive.

  • To explore the opportunities in the professional fields.

Diversity & Equity
  • Malla Reddy University ensures equitable access to educational resources and opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds through the following measures:

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Offer a range of need-based scholarships, grants, and financial aid packages to support students from low-income backgrounds in covering tuition fees, books, and living expenses.

  • Accessibility Services: Provide comprehensive accessibility services and accommodations for students with disabilities, including assistive technologies, alternative formats for course materials, and accessible campus facilities.

  • Mentorship and Support Programs: Implement mentorship programs and peer support networks to assist students from diverse backgrounds in navigating academic challenges, accessing resources, and developing essential skills for success.

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching: Promote culturally responsive teaching practices that acknowledge and respect students' diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and experiences, fostering an inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued and supported.

  • Outreach and Recruitment Efforts: Conduct targeted outreach and recruitment efforts to attract students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, first-generation college students, and other marginalized communities, ensuring their awareness of and access to educational opportunities at the university.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Forge partnerships with community organizations, K-12 schools, and other institutions to create pipelines and pathways for students from diverse backgrounds to access higher education and support their academic and personal development.

  • Continuous Evaluation and Improvement: Regularly assess and evaluate the effectiveness of equity initiatives and programs through feedback mechanisms, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement, with a commitment to continuous improvement and addressing emerging needs and challenges.

Objectives & Scope
  • To offer value based World Class Education.

  • To provide Learning Environment to create Higher Level Intellectual abilities.

  • To upgrade the existing State of the art facilities for Academic, Research & Training activities.

  • To promote Research and Development.

  • To enhance Industry-Institute interaction for Technology exchange programmes.

  • To expand the existing Technology and Skill Development Centres of excellence.

  • To collaborate with reputed National and International and National Universities, Business and Service sectors for Knowledge exchange and Quality enhancement.

  • To develop Entrepreneurial Skills, set up Incubation Centres and provide avenues for innovation.

  • To promote healthy practices such as Community Service, Extension activities and Projects for the benefit of the Society at large.

  • To improve the Quality of Education by getting Academic and Administrative flexibility.

  • To confer degrees maintaining good standards not lower than those laid down by the regulatory bodies and in accordance with the guidelines of AICTE & UGC.

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