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Risaya believes that learning has no end, and it is never too late to begin. Our pedagogy is based on an open canvas.

Every learner has an innate ability.

When presented with an opportunity, they have a horizon of possibilities that is only limited by their imagination.

Risaya will provide the colours and assist you, while you paint your masterpiece. Our premium course offerings have been framed carefully by the industry insiders and subject experts, to ensure that the students receive a world-class education.

Risaya’s courses are based on the thought that learning is not a mechanical routine. The hybrid classes have the precise amounts of theory, practical and sufficient hands-on-experience that will make you industry ready.

To achieve a larger objective Risaya partners with Universities and Colleges as 'ACADEMIC AND SKILLING PARTNER' to offer a variety of programs in Visual Communications, Computing, Media Arts, Audio and Film Technology, Business and more...

In a world of possibilities, chose to lead the change.


Internship & Placement

Risaya boasts a dynamic placement cell that diligently oversees the integration of internships into students' educational journeys at pivotal junctures. Meticulously devised schedules span the entirety of the program, from the initial year to the penultimate year, ensuring that students acquire practical experience complementing their theoretical knowledge.

The cell operates under a guiding principle of "practise more," fostering an environment where learners actively engage in industry-aligned project planning and execution. This approach facilitates invaluable exposure to sectors such as media, information technology, e-commerce, content creation, animation studios, event management enterprises, as well as incubators for aspiring entrepreneurs and gig recruiters.

Career Portfolio for Learners

Courses offered by Risaya takes a learner into multiple domains and areas in the industry.

As Risaya, we don't work on the premise of a chosen career path, we focus on a career portfolio for a learner. Changing landscape on jobs, advances in technology, throwing up new careers and directions, call for proactiveness from the prospective job seeker. Risaya courses & specializations lead to multiple career choices.


One such example is the Embedded & IOT design program leading to design jobs in the backend or working on the shop floor in manufacturing, controlling complex machines or aiding sensors to control critical applications in medical equipment.


Learning Experience at Risaya-driven Campuses

  • International seminars and paper presentation

  • Industry personnel lectures

  • Guru lectures and workshops

  • National contest participation

  • Global pathway program

  • Incubation of Student projects

  • Recognition for outstanding performers

  • Interaction with student groups of our International campuses & collaborative activities



BSc Visual Communication

The course offers students diverse specialisations to choose from, including Film Making, Advertisement, Cinematography, Acting, Photography, Graphic Designing, Animation, VFX, Journalism, Television, Video Jockey, and Radio Jockey. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics in these areas, allowing students to develop their creativity and presentation skills. The course also provides industry-based learning platforms for students to showcase their talents. With an emphasis on practical learning, the course equips students with advanced skills to thrive in a multitasking work environment.


BSc Animation & Multimedia

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of digital media with our esteemed Bachelor's program in Animation & Multimedia. This immersive curriculum equips students with the essential skills and dexterity to bring their creative visions to life using cutting-edge tools and techniques. Dive into the depths of 2D & 3D animation, mastering advanced animation techniques and seamlessly blending film content with the magic of animation. From the artistry of photography and videography to the intricacies of graphic design, gaming technology, and the captivating world of TV and Film, our comprehensive program covers a wide array of dynamic disciplines. Unleash your imagination and unlock boundless opportunities in this exhilarating field.

The animation production, Film making Course leads to over 400 occupations and positions In the media and entertainment industry, spanning Studios, Home music, content making, live sound engineering, Church music, On board Yacht audio engineer, DJ, TV producer, OTT production, feature for technical personnel, Game designers, Game music producers, music programmer, content producer for large screen, small screen, mobiles, social Media platforms, E-Commerce platforms, advertising production and more. E learning content producers, Designers, Graphic designer, animators, motion capture & tracking, character designers for games and movies etc.


BA Journalism and Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BA-JM) is an esteemed three-year undergraduate program tailored for aspiring individuals seeking to go aboard a fulfilling journey in the realms of journalism, mass communication, advertising, graphic design, film/TV production, and public relations. By enrolling in this program, students gain access to a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip them with the indispensable skills required to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. From the enchanting world of cinema and television to the ever-expanding realms of online streaming platforms and social media, this program empowers learners to shape their future careers with confidence and expertise.


BA Liberal Arts

In our rapidly evolving and interconnected global landscape, the art of making meaningful connections and synthesizing knowledge has become an indispensable skill for success in both professional and social spheres. The liberal arts program offers a unique educational experience tailored to a diverse range of students, taking into account their varied backgrounds, interests, and personalities.

This interdisciplinary course embraces a holistic approach, weaving together content development for digital media, journalism and mass media, economic, political, and social trends, marketing and public relations, human resources, development sectors, non-governmental organizations, sustainable studies, and entrepreneurship. By engaging with this comprehensive curriculum, students are empowered to navigate the complexities of our modern world and make a positive impact in their chosen fields.



BBE.- Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship

The program presents an exciting opportunity to enhance one's understanding of conventional business subjects. It has been meticulously crafted with a cutting-edge perspective and adheres to internationally recognized standards. By enrolling in this program, learners can expect to cultivate invaluable qualitative skills such as critical thinking, innovative methodologies, and practical abilities. Moreover, the curriculum incorporates an entrepreneurial spirit that encompasses diverse areas such as organizational behavior, human resources, business communications, intellectual property and trademark management, as well as strategic management. This comprehensive approach ensures a truly enriching learning experience


BSC - Cybersecurity

This comprehensive three-year degree program delves into a wide array of disciplines within the realm of information technology. From the foundations of programming and coding to the intricacies of networking, cloud infrastructure, and hardware fundamentals, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the field. A particular focus is placed on cybersecurity, encompassing crucial areas such as vulnerability analysis, cyber forensics, cryptography, threat intelligence gathering, and the implementation of remote security measures. The program also offers the opportunity for hands-on experience, allowing students to work with cutting-edge cyber platforms. In addition, participants have the chance to explore digital marketing and creative arts, further enhancing their skill set.

The Cyber Security and Drone Technologies courses offer an extensive array of career opportunities spanning over 200 diverse positions across various industries. These programs cultivate professionals in the realms of programming, system design, cyber security, cryptography, threat intelligence, network security implementation, data warehousing, cloud management, full stack development, DevOps, drone design, drone operation and maintenance, drone business specialization, AI-driven drone applications, and even command center control for DAN DAAS (Drone as a Service) companies. With such a wide spectrum of roles to choose from, these courses open doors to a fascinating world of technological advancement and innovation across multiple sectors.


BCom Event Management, Advertising & Sales Promotion,

This comprehensive program encompasses various vital domains of the business world, including commerce, business organization, fundamental accounting principles, banking, project planning, statistics, and mathematics.

It delves into the intricacies of advertising fundamentals, digital marketing strategies, photography, and advertising film production. It also provides a solid foundation in sales and marketing planning, complemented by practical knowledge of live sound event management and execution.

By participating in this program, learners will actively engage in hands-on experiences involving event planning, execution, publicity, public relations, and promotional activities. Additionally, they will acquire valuable insights into research methodologies, economics, project preparation, financing sources, compliance, taxation, and macroeconomics through detailed exploration and analysis.

BBA- Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

The three-year degree program provides an engaging blend of theoretical knowledge and practical concepts delivered by esteemed faculty members. Live broadcasts of international lectures, interactive sessions with global experts, project assignments, case studies, and internships constitute significant components of the curriculum. The program covers various subjects including management principles, business mathematics, statistics, human resource management, financial accounting, computer applications, global economic environment, corporate social responsibility, and business strategy. The program places a major emphasis on cloud management, establishing e-commerce platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, proficiently managing e-commerce transactions, and optimizing supply chain operations. Moreover, it encompasses essential aspects such as digital marketing, emerging social media trends, data analytics, and content creation fundamentals.



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