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To be a world class University visualizing a great future for the young aspirants, with innovative nature, research culture and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges improving the Quality of Human Life.


To impart value-based futuristic higher education moulding students into globally competent empowered youth, rich in culture and ethics along with professional expertise.


To promote Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research, and Development for the broad purpose of fulfilling societal goals such as Societal Welfare and benefit.


  • Promoting excellence in the learning process.

  • Expanding the horizon of knowledge through creative research.

  • Maintaining high ethical standards in teaching, research and administration.

  • Catering to diverse needs of multi-cultural, multi-linguist strata of society.

  • Providing good academic ambience in pursuit of excellence in education.

  • Eco-friendly campus as a substratum of multi-disciplinary courses.

  • State-of-art infrastructure to support the students’ participatory means of seeking knowledge.

  • Encouraging awareness about social responsibility and accountability.

  • Promotion of equity through continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

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