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UG Program - B.Sc. Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Technology

Course duration:

  • 3+1=4 Year program (3-year Academic + 1 Year Compulsory Internship Program)

By Successful Completion of the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Technology Bachelors program students will be Skilled enough to:

  • Our B.Sc. in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Technology Program prepares students to be essential components of the continuum of care by providing excellent pre- hospital and community-based healthcare.

  • We designed the program for graduating high school seniors, military veterans, and anyone else who is up for the rigorous academic and mental challenges involved in becoming a paramedic.

  • In the course of four years, the student will become a nationally certified emergency paramedic complete the core curriculum classes necessary for the B.Sc. Degree, and become thoroughly immersed in the paramedicine sciences.

  • Lectures are followed by laboratory experiences that include life-sized, high-fidelity computerized mannequins that can be programmed to provide realistic patient responses  and outcomes to students.

  • Laboratory time is reinforced with more than 750 hours of clinical experience at Malla Reddy group of intuition campuses.

  • The program culminates in the senior year with an extensive capstone field internship that requires students to perform in leadership roles while providing actual patient care, followed by national certification testing as a paramedic

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Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Technology

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