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B.SC Food Science & Technology

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There are several prospects for career progression in the field of food technology. The market for preserving and dispersing natural food will grow significantly in the next few years. Food science is a farm to fork approach which includes selection and harvesting of raw materials to production, preservation, sensory evaluation, and safety, packing and storage, preparation for the end user, and consumption. The scientific disciplines that deal with food includes food microbiology, food processing and preservation, food analysis, food chemistry, food physics etc. Food technology is best described as the practical application of food sciences to the development and manufacturing of food, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and consumption of wholesome, nutritious food. Addressing farmers across the country, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Modi said that food processing, natural farming will help in transforming the farm sector during a National Summit on Agro & Food Processing at Anand, Gujarat in February 2022. In this context, the role and responsibility of food technologist is very challenging regarding the food safety during production, exporting and importing of food. The food technologists from this division are excellent at their jobs and fiercely competitive. Not only domestically but also internationally, they have demonstrated exceptional performance and knowledge in the field of food technology. A food technologist may find employment as a quality assurance manager, production manager, laboratory supervisor, food packaging manager, or even as a research associate in prestigious institutes, universities, and R&D organisations. Both the private and the public sectors provide lucrative (profitable) job opportunities to food technologists. I conclude this message by stating that our programme is run by highly specialised faculty members who have excellent teaching and research skills in the field of food technology. Additionally, our programme is supported by well-equipped labs, a library, and other facilities to meet the needs of the student fraternity.

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