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The vision of the department is
1. To prepare the students for the digital world and make them capable to explore the field of Digital Forensics
2. To enhance the employability of the students.
3. To impart knowledge to the students in a manner where they are always presented with choices regarding their higher education and career path.
4. To establish a Digital Forensic labs which will let the students explore and gain expertise in this field.
5. To deliver higher education that focuses on holistic growth by merging science, engineering, and technology together.


The department to achieve its vision runs with a mission of
1. Education with practical and real world knowledge.
2. Provide them with on field experiences to understand the role of forensic expert.
3. To impart knowledge in traditional forensics also in an attempt to give them the overall world of Forensics.
4. Providing students with education of worthy standards and parallelly also provide certifications of international standard.
5. To help students to become socially responsible citizens, innovative skill-based learning practises are being included through engagement in the physical sciences and software industries.

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