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  Student Grievance Cell

Mechanism to resolve and disposal of grievances

At our Univeristy, we have established a well-defined mechanism to resolve and dispose of grievances in a fair, transparent, and timely manner. We are committed to addressing student concerns promptly and ensuring that their grievances are handled effectively. The following steps outline the mechanism for grievance resolution and disposal:


Grievance Submission:

Students can submit their grievances through an online GRIEVANCE DROPBOX available on our university website. The form requires students to provide detailed information regarding their grievance, including the nature of the issue, parties involved, supporting evidence, and any previous attempts made to resolve the grievance.


Grievance Redressal Cell:

The Grievance Redressal Cell is responsible for receiving, documenting, and processing grievances. The Cell comprises experienced faculty members and administrative staff who are trained in grievance resolution procedures. The Cell acts as the central point of contact for all grievances and ensures the confidentiality and privacy of the information shared.



Preliminary Assessment:

Upon receipt of a grievance, the Grievance Redressal Cell conducts a preliminary assessment to determine the merit and relevance of the grievance. If the grievance is found to be frivolous or not within the purview of the university's grievance redressal mechanism, the student is informed accordingly, providing reasons for the decision.



If the grievance is deemed valid and falls within the scope of the university's grievance redressal mechanism, an impartial investigation is initiated. The investigation process may involve collecting additional information, interviewing relevant parties, and examining any supporting evidence. All parties involved are given an opportunity to present their perspective and provide any relevant evidence or documentation.


Resolution and Disposal:

Based on the findings of the investigation, the Grievance Redressal Cell formulates a resolution.

The resolution may include specific actions to address the grievance, such as providing guidance, mediation, counseling, disciplinary measures, or any other appropriate measures. The resolution is communicated to the student who raised the grievance, as well as any other parties involved, while ensuring the confidentiality of personal information. The Grievance Redressal Cell maintains records of all grievances received, investigated, and resolved for future reference and analysis.


Appeal Process:

In case the student is dissatisfied with the resolution provided by the Grievance Redressal Cell, they have the option to appeal the decision. The appeal process, including the designated authority and timeline, is clearly communicated to the student. The appeal is reviewed by an independent committee or designated authority, ensuring a fresh and impartial assessment of the grievance.


Periodic Review and Improvement:

The Grievance Redressal Cell and the university administration periodically review the grievance redressal mechanism to identify areas for improvement. Feedback from students and stakeholders is taken into consideration to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the mechanism.


By following this well-defined mechanism, our university strives to ensure that all grievances raised by students are resolved promptly, fairly, and transparently. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment that promotes student well-being, open communication, and a positive learning experience for all.

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