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About CSE Department

Since the inception of our university in 2020, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering - Freshman Engineering has experienced a remarkable development.

The Department is flourishing in newly emerging computer science fields and is equipped to support new, industry-neutral technologies and skill sets. This can be largely due to the faculty members’ commitment to continuous learning and upgrading their skills. The subject expertise of the faculty members in cutting-edge fields like machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and cyber security strengthen the department not only in the fields of academic but also in terms of research.

The future generations of scientists, techies, entrepreneurs, and executives are being nurtured and inspired through the industry based training programmes and enhancing their innovative, creative and critical thinking abilities. It offers top-notch student amenities and infrastructure. In order to ensure that our students graduate with the latest developments, the management makes efforts to make them industry ready through various learner centric training programmes.

In addition to this, the department focuses on the practical aspects of learning through advanced curriculum which places a strong emphasis on improving students' communication, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork abilities.

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