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About Mechanical Engineering Department:

Mechanical engineers have been the harbingers of change in every century. Their contributions are decisive in shaping the society, economy and everything else that results from the interaction between the two. It follows that this discipline is one of the foundations of the post- modern society. 

The Mechanical Engineering is one of the most versatile and broadest fields of engineering. The key areas of Mechanical Engineering like ‘Product Design’, ‘Smart Manufacturing & Automation’ and ‘Automobile Electronics’ have opened vast opportunities in industries allied to Automobiles, Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas Production in renowned MNC’s and Government companies.

Major areas of mechanical engineering such as Product Design, Smart Manufacturing, Thermal and fluid Energy systems, Robotics & Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Signal Analysis & Processing. The courses in these areas, being dealt in practical and design perspective, equip students with the knowledge and expertise to fit into the evolving needs of the industries and to sustain in the job market in this era of automation.
Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics (CAEG) and Engineering Workshop Lab are two paramount subjects in all branches of engineering. Mechanical Engineering department have well-equipped laboratories and workshops where students gain hands-on experience and practical skills. Mechanical Engineering department employed experienced and well qualified faculty members who have expertise in different areas of mechanical engineering. These faculty members not only possess sound academic knowledge but also bring practical industry experience to the classroom. They play a crucial role in delivering lectures, conducting lab sessions, guiding research projects, and mentoring students.



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