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About Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an integrated branch of engineering. This course deals with the technological aspects of electricity, especially the design and application of circuitry and electronic equipment. It also includes the concept of power generation and distribution, communication and machine control. This engineering branch focuses on the practical application of electricity. It also specializes in design, construction and uses of electrical systems in our lives.

In this course students are taught about Electrical Circuits, Semiconductors, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Transformers and Electrical Machines (AC and DC) .

The department also caters the needs of Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering subject to all the I year B.Tech students.

 The department constantly strives to be a center of Academic Excellence with focus on advanced technology and research by delivering the best quality technical education to the students in meeting the current and future challenges with emphasis on moral and ethical foundations.


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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