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MSc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Head, Department of Microbiology

Welcome to the Department of Microbiology.  Microbiology is one of important basic sciences for the students of allied health science courses. It is a vital subject for the development of life sciences. From its inception, the Department played a pivotal role in teaching both UG and PG clinical and life science students. And microbiology is studied by all the clinical science course students as one of the core subjects. The Department offers MSc Clinical Microbiology and BSc BMB (Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry). There are two spacious microbiological laboratories with sophisticated equipment. All our faculty members have excellent academic credentials having educated and trained at reputed institutes/universities. The teaching process in the Department relies on close student and faculty bidirectional interaction. The Department trains the students to enhance their skills in handling microbiological lab techniques such that they can work in industries and laboratories.

Core objectives of the Department


  • Enhance better teaching and learning process.

  • Create interest in research aptitude among faculty and students.

  • Teach microbiological methods and techniques in depth.

  • Produce skilled and trained work force to serve industry and in turn society.


​​B.SC Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology

Dr. Meera Indracanti
Head, Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology, School of Allied Health Sciences, Malla Reddy University is directed towards producing qualified, competent, and responsible professionals in Medical Biotechnology and BMB. It is devoted to achieving excellence in the promotion of Biotechnology in the Telangana state and Pan India.
The Department of Biotechnology is expected to play a vital role in the socio- economic development of the Telangana state. The Department shall also provide services in research, popularization of Biotechnology, creation of centers of excellence, scientific and technological empowerment of human resources, and enhance the knowledge base. Moreover, it provides consultancy services to public and private institutions engaged in biotechnology and related businesses.

Dr. Muni Kumar Dokka
M.Sc Biochemistry, PhD, Post Doctoral Researcher/Scientist
Head, Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes occurring in living matter and is applicable for different biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. The B.Sc. program in Biochemistry is a comprehensive undergraduate program of intensive course work in Biochemistry with a laboratory emphasis. An undergraduate degree in Biochemistry is very good preparation for careers in a number of areas. Certainly, it provides a strong technical foundation that can provide a basis for advanced study in Biochemistry or medical areas or for a career in a research lab, an industrial production facility, or a testing or quality assurance lab. The program also provides an educational experience that prepares students for a variety of careers that require clear thinking, problem solving, organization of data, and other qualities that are part of an education in science. There are multiple job openings in both the public and the private sectors like food, agriculture, education and health care system. Our dedicated, enthusiastic faculty are committed towards teaching and in conducting practicals, and providing mentorship to students for their internships and research projects.

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