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Welcome to the department of Data Science Malla Reddy University, on behalf of the faculty members, staff, and students the field of Data Science is a diverse field which has a significant role in the development of cutting edge technology. The curriculum at the Department of Data Science is meticulously planned and continuously updated in way to incorporate the various demands of the IT industry trends. An exposure to real world problems in this era of technology is a must and every student is provided with the right environment to shape into a confident individual having the necessary skill set to fit in any role at the industrial market. The excellent infrastructure and the highly qualified faculty with huge expertise in the department lay the foundation for a professional learning experience,and the department ensures a career-oriented future through Industry internships, certification courses, and workshops. Higher Studies is a strongly recommended option for students with research aptitude and the department makes every effort to nurture this by grooming them for a research-oriented career.The members of the department are known for their unmatched determination and academic excellence.