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International Journal of Intelligent Systems(MRU: IJIS)

About International Journal of Intelligent Systems(MRU: IJIS)

The MRU: International Journal of Intelligent Systems is delighted to announce its inaugural call for papers, marking a significant step in the dissemination of cutting-edge research within the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This scholarly, peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to advancing our knowledge and understanding of these transformative fields across a diverse array of domains.

With an unwavering commitment to scholarly excellence, MRU: International Journal of Intelligent Systems provides a platform for researchers, academicians, and industry professionals to share their groundbreaking research findings, innovative concepts, and pragmatic applications in AI and ML. We cordially invite contributions from all quarters - academia, industry, and research institutions - to partake in shaping the forefront of AI and ML research.

Our journal invites original and unpublished manuscripts, encompassing a wide spectrum of topics that address the theoretical underpinnings, algorithms, methodologies, and real-world implementations of AI and ML. We particularly welcome submissions that traverse disciplinary boundaries, introduce novel approaches, and illuminate emergent trends within the AI and ML landscape.

Scope and Topics of Interest: The MRU: Journal of Intelligent Systems is an inclusive platform, encompassing a diverse array of subjects relevant to AI and ML, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Machine Learning Algorithms and Models: Unveiling innovative algorithms, models, and techniques that power the progress of machine learning.

  2. Deep Learning and Neural Networks: Exploring the frontiers of deep learning, neural networks, and their applications in complex problem-solving.

  3. Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics: Delving into the realm of language understanding, generation, and interpretation by machines.

  4. Computer Vision and Image Processing: Illuminating the evolving landscape of computer vision, image analysis, and processing methodologies.

  5. Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Investigating advancements in robotics and autonomous systems empowered by AI and ML.

  6. Data Mining and Big Data Analytics: Unearthing patterns, insights, and knowledge from vast data repositories through advanced data mining techniques.

  7. Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing: Discerning patterns and signals from data streams, enabling machines to recognize and interpret their environment.

  8. Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making: Unraveling the mysteries of reinforcement learning and decision-making processes in dynamic environments.

  9. AI Ethics, Privacy, and Security: Engaging in critical discussions about ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and security challenges in AI and ML applications.

  10. Applications of AI and ML in Various Domains: Showcasing the transformative impact of AI and ML across domains such as healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, and more.

We encourage prospective authors to submit high-quality research papers, case studies, survey papers, technical reports, and extended versions of conference papers that contribute to the advancement of AI and ML knowledge. Our distinguished editorial board is committed to maintaining the highest standards of review, ensuring that each submission undergoes a rigorous evaluation process.

Join us in charting the course of AI and ML research. Submit your original work to MRU: Journal of Intelligent Systems and be a part of the scholarly discourse that drives innovation, exploration, and progress in these dynamic fields. Together, we can shape the future of intelligent systems.

For manuscript submission guidelines and further details, please visit our website at



Dr VSK Reddy


MRU: International Journal of Intelligent Systems


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