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School Of Agriculture

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About Agriculture

School of Agricultural Sciences of Malla Reddy University is a school with top-class management, clear vision and mission and which fully follows the academic best practices possible.


It is having well qualified and trained faculty and staff which guide, teach, facilitate, mentor, and monitor the academic progress of agricultural students passionately.


It is having world-class infrastructure, state of art technology labs to impart agricultural education and raise the academic standards of student fraternity to a greater height.


It is creating top class learning atmosphere which is conducive for the holistic development of students and make them walk confidently in to the future real-life situations.

Mission Vision


To be a world class university visualizing a great future for the young aspirants with innovative nature, research culture and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges improving the quality of human life.



The fundamentals mission of the school of agricultural sciences at Malla Reddy University is to meet the need of its students by providing educational experiences in the field of agriculture necessary to develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success. Based upon student needs, the school mission focuses on offering a broad undergraduate and graduate curriculum consisting of tracks and concentrations in Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Plant Protection, Agribusiness Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural System Technology, Horticulture, Animal Science. School of Agriculture also recognizes its important mission to enhance the Agricultural, Educational, Economical and Cultural opportunities for the people of its service region.





  • To pursue continual improvement of teaching learning process of Undergraduate, Post Graduate programs and Research Programs vigorously.

  • To provide state of the art infrastructure and expertise to impart the quality education.

  • To groom the students to become intellectually creative and professionally competitive.

  • To explore the opportunities in the professional fields.

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