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Learning is a continuous and lifelong process that involves ongoing engagement and wholehearted commitment from both the teacher and the student. It goes beyond the boundaries of classrooms and textbooks, encompassing a journey of acquiring knowledge, skills, and experiences throughout one's life.

In the context of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology at Mallareddy University, the focus is on providing an excellent academic environment that fosters learning and growth. The department boasts a highly qualified faculty that serves as mentors and role models for the students. Their expertise and dedication inspire the students to develop their technical skills and expand their understanding of the field.

The university recognizes the importance of practical learning and provides well-equipped laboratories, including pathology, microbiology, and biochemistry labs. These state-of-the-art facilities enable students to apply theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience, enhancing their learning outcomes. Additionally, the high-tech lecture halls create an engaging learning environment, promoting interactive sessions and discussions.

E. Prem Kumar

E. Prem Kumar
BSc, MSc MLT (Pathology)
Assistant Professor,

Moreover, Mallareddy University values the importance of comprehensive learning resources. The large library with a wide range of books caters to the diverse needs of students, facilitating research, self-study, and exploration of various topics. This extensive collection supports the teaching and training process, enabling students to access the necessary materials and expand their knowledge base.

Furthermore, Mallareddy University recognizes the importance of continued education and offers opportunities for students to pursue further degrees. This commitment to higher education ensures that students can continue their academic journey and enhance their expertise in their chosen field.

In conclusion, the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology at Mallareddy University provides a conducive environment for learning and growth. Through the collective efforts of dedicated faculty members, well-equipped laboratories, advanced lecture halls, and a comprehensive library, the university nurtures students' skills and knowledge. It aims to instill a spirit of teamwork and inspire academic excellence. As a result, Mallareddy University becomes a preferred choice for deserving and ambitious students who seek to achieve their educational goals.

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​​B.SC Medical Lab Technology

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