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HOD Message

     The Department of MLT is committed to providing high-quality education, training, and research opportunities in the field of medical laboratory science. Our programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to excel in various areas of laboratory medicine, including clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, and molecular diagnostics.

     Our dedicated faculty members bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. Through innovative teaching methodologies, hands-on training, and mentorship, they strive to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential and become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

     At the Department of MLT, we emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based practice, and continuous professional development. Our students have access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, cutting-edge technology, and clinical placements at renowned healthcare institutions, allowing them to gain real-world experience and prepare for successful careers in the field. We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and lifelong learning, and we look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant academic community.

     As the Head of the Department, it gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all students, faculty members, and visitors to our department.

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Mrs. Neenu Pius

HOD / Assistant Professor 

M.Sc. & M.Phil Microbiology

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​​B.SC Medical Lab Technology

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