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Mallareddy University has a programme called the BSc Medical Laboratory Technology. Its goal is to give students a thorough understanding of the methods and techniques utilised in laboratories for medical diagnosis. This program's curriculum is comprehensive and strives to give students the knowledge and abilities needed for a career in medical laboratory technology.

The program's emphasis on practical experience and clinical exposure is one of its main benefits. The well-equipped diagnostic centres in Mallareddy Health City offer students the chance to obtain real-world experience. Students are given the opportunity to apply the theoretical ideas they have acquired in the classroom to actual situations, which improves their comprehension and competence in medical laboratory procedures.

The professors instructing the students have backgrounds in their fields and are credentialed in their fields. They bring their knowledge of the field and experience to the classroom, ensuring that students receive excellent instruction and direction over the course of the programme. The faculty members' expertise in medical laboratory technology enables them to guide the students and offer them real-world advice.

Overall, Mallareddy University's BSc Medical Laboratory Technology programme offers a thorough education in the subject. It provides students with a solid foundation and equips them for a successful career in the field of medical laboratory technology through its well-designed curriculum, clinical exposure, hands-on training, and experienced faculty members.

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​​B.SC Medical Lab Technology

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To be a world class university visualizing a great future for the young aspirants, with innovative nature, research culture and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges improving the quality of human life.


To impart value based futuristic higher education molding students into globally competent empowered youth, rich in culture and ethics along with contemporary professional expertise.

To promote innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development for the broad purpose of fulfilling societal goals such as societal welfare and benefit.

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