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UG Program - B.Sc Optometry

Course duration

  •  4-year program (3 yrs Degree + 1 year of clinical training /internship)

By Successful Completion of the Optometry Bachelors program
students will be Skilled enough to:

  •  Correct Refractive Errors and Prescribe Glasses

  •  Design and dispense of Contact Lenses

  • Assess subjects with Low vision, Binocular Vision & dispense appropriate Aids

  • Perform Comprehensive evaluation of the health status of eye and visual

     system and detect ocular, associated systematic and neurological disorders
     and referral of patients to the specialists at appropriate stage

  •  Utilize the latest technology in the diagnosis of ocular anomalies including

        Visual Field Devices, Imaging Technology Including Ultrasound and
        Retinal Imaging Techniques, Corneal Topography, Electrophysiology.

  •  Diagnosis and Orthoptic treatment of Phoria And Strabismus

  •  Practices Of Public Health And Community Optometry in schools, colleges,

        urban and rural areas

  •  Do Optometric Counselling to the patients with hereditary visual defects

  •  Perform continuing Professional Education and uphold legal and ethical

        behavior in his/her career.

Students Walking Up Stairs

​​B.SC Optometry

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