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Creative classrooms can transform the way students acquire education and how they apply it in their real-time environment. Effective teaching and learning take place through advanced technological aids like SMART Boards, Wi-Fi-enabled Audio-Video Systems. Thus, technology is used at its best to make classrooms more participative and interactive. The classrooms are equipped with full-fledged state-of-the-art technology digital interface to meet global needs.

Hostel Facility

Modern, eco-friendly hostel facilities are available for boys and girls separately, equipped with internet access, a digital library, and a gym and yoga facility. All rooms in the hostel are spacious, hygienic, and well-ventilated, providing a comfortable living environment for students.


A canteen facility is available on campus, offering a variety of food options at nominal cost. Several kiosks, food courts, and a modern cafeteria are located within the campus. The food court is built to the highest standards of hygiene and offers freshly-cooked, wholesome dishes that provide a taste of home. The food is nutritious and caters to the diverse tastes of the student community. The cafeteria has a seating capacity of 250 and measures approximately 6000 sq ft.

Digital Enabled Campus

Leveraging the core of the NEP 2020, the university has not only been on the culmination of training teachers with AI, design thinking, and other subjects through AI-enabled Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA), but has also taken one step ahead by establishing departments with promising facilities & faculties. So far, we have the following digital attributes:

1. Digital Infrastructure

With a campus area of 100.16, the Malla Reddy offers a peaceful and progressive teaching and learning culture. To maximize its potential, the university has added a significant number of departments to its six schools while maintaining critical amenities like a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus.

2. Digitalization of Administration

Our university has taken a forward-thinking step by digitising the administration in order to increase convenience for students, their parents, and university staff. It has improved both the teaching and learning processes. It is giving the administration new chances to increase productivity and workplace openness in practically every area where they are important, and it has made it simpler for us to periodically examine the current systems and procedures. 

(i) LMS: Collpoll

By addressing current issues and enhancing academic and administrative effectiveness, Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad, fulfils the demands of the higher education system by undergoing digital transformation. To give staff members more freedom in managing all of the institution's data, Malla Reddy University chose CollPoll's dynamic Master Data Management module.

They quickly and easily add and manage all academic and non-academic records, including departments, programmes, terms, specialisations, courses, curricula, etc. It facilitates the management of terms, curriculum, courses, specialisations, etc. and helps faculty to handle registration for choice-based courses, online timetables, control attendance, conduct of quizzes, assignments, evaluation, online feedback, so on and so forth. More than 2000 classes currently benefit from it.

(ii)  Examination: Bees software

One of our additional assets is BeeS, which maintains an entirely automated approach, student evaluations, and question papers created by external subject experts, evaluation, and result publication.

3. Online Teaching Platform and Tools

In order to strengthen our educational platform, the university provides the best ICT resources for online teaching, such as Code Tantra, ICT Academy, NASSCOM, IBM, Cisco Webex, and others, as well as national and international resources such as virtual labs, SWAYAM courses, Course Era, IEEE courses, and so on.

4. Current content creation, digital repository and dissemination

Our sound educational system, made up of a better environment, significant diversity, and beneficial exposure to education, regularly updates the common masses, students, and parents by posting stories, narratives, and photos on various social media platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. This self-directed information aligns with the interests of our extensive audience and allows us to build a globally recognised educational community. The website and CollPoll management updating faculty profiles, video lectures from our teachers, electronic content, electronic notes by our faculty, and our achievements in particular at the national and international levels primarily increase its visibility.

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