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Research and Development

The Research and Development Cell (R&D Cell) plays a significant role in the University by involving all the students in undertaking innovative ideas and introducing new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process to nurture the students.

The R&D Cell helps in getting research grants and extension of existing projects. It also facilitates interaction of technocrats, world-class scientists, and professors with faculty and students. This can lead to MoUs with international universities, which provide ample opportunities for the students in placements as well as in higher education in M.Tech, Ph.Ds, and PDFs in foreign universities.

The regular conferences, workshops, and seminars would expose and enlighten students in multiple domains. This opens up multi-dimensional research activities in the universities.

Malla Reddy University is proposing to establish excellent research centers such as Nanotechnology, Green Technologies, Smart Materials, Cyber Security, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Agriculture Sector, Food and Nutrition, Disaster Management, Climate Change, and Socio-economic issues with respect to the needs of the global market, health, environment, and animal acts. It also plans to set up literary and Indian heritage centers for the Liberal Arts Studies.

These research centers will provide a platform for students, faculty, and researchers to collaborate and work on cutting-edge research projects. This will help the university to achieve its goal of becoming a leading research university in India.

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