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Dr. M. Vidyasagar

MBA., Ph.D

Faculty ID: MRUM2109T007

Associate Professor & HOD

Experience:   20 Years

Dr. Sanjeev Chepyala

MBA(M.Com), PGJMC, Ph.D(Finance)

Faculty ID: MRUM2109T008

Assistant Professor

Experience:   12 Years

Dr.K.V.N. Sandhya

Ph.D., Post Doc (Economics)

Faculty ID: MRUM2206T018

Assistant Professor

Experience:  21 Years

Dr.B. Swathi


Faculty ID: MRUM2112T011


Experience:   21 Years

Dr. P. Vamsi Krishna

B.Tech(Mech)., MBA.,Ph.D

Faculty ID: MRUM2206T017

Associate Professor

Experience:   16 Years

Dr. Ch. Lakshmi Narahari

MBA., Ph.D

Faculty ID: MRUM2209T024

Assistant Professor

Experience:   14 Years

Dr. K. Shyam Kumar

MBA., M.Com., Ph.D(Finance)

Faculty ID: MRUM2209T028

Associate Professor

Experience:  17 Years

Dr.E. Naga Surendra

MBA., Ph.D

Faculty ID: MRUM2208T020 

Associate Professor

Experience:   15 Years

Dr. Prashant Pogul


Faculty ID: MRUM2211T035

Assistant Professor

Experience:   13 Years

Ms. Vaishali Chauhan

B.Sc(IT)., M.Sc(CSE)., MBA(HR).,(Ph.D)

Faculty ID: MRUM2111T009

Assistant professor

Experience:  12 Years

Mr. Jangam Jawahar Babu

MBA., M.Com., (Ph.D)

Faculty ID: MRUM2210T030

Assistant Professor

Experience:   11 Years

Mr. G.R. Maheshwar


Faculty ID: MRUM2211T034

Assistant professor

Experience:  15 Years

Mrs. Shikha Sharma Goswamy

MBA (Finance), MA (Economics) (Ph.D)

Faculty ID: MRUM2306T047

Assistant professor

Experience:  4 Years

Dr. P. Swathi

MBA., Ph.D

Faculty ID: MRUM2111T010

Assistant professor

Experience: 11 Years

Dr. S. Rani

MBA., Ph.D (Management)

Faculty ID: MRUM2111T012

Assistant professor

Experience:  14 Years

Dr. R. Narasaiah

MBA., Ph.D, TS-SET., MA (Economics)

Faculty ID: MRUM2308T050

Assistant professor

Experience:  14 Years

Mr. B. Ganga Naga Saroj

MBA.,(Ph.D)., AP-SET

Faculty ID: MRUM2308T051

Assistant professor

Experience:  16 Years

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