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About Digital Forensics


B.Sc Digital Forensics – an undergraduate program introduced in the Malla Reddy University is a newcourse introduce for the first time in the Telugu states.


Digital Forensics is a branch of Forensic Science, earlier known as Computer Forensics. Digital forensics is a field that combines the knowledge of computer science technology while imparting knowledge on investigation of crimes. The curriculum design and structure is done in a way which caters to the needs for future and establishes a strong field of expertise in the world of internet. The curriculum includes subjects related to three streams – conventional forensics, programming languages and digital forensics, with emphasis on digital forensics. To achieve the objectives of the curriculum the faculty members of the department are from varied specialization.

The Department of Digital Forensics has MoU with legal executive agency – CLUES Team Hyderabad, Forensic Support Unit; and is also working toward establishing more such MoU’s with Corporate Companies.

The four year course include two projects – Minor and Major, minor projects being in the field of conventional forensics and major on the digital forensics.

The objective of the course design is to enhance the employability skills of the students and also build expertise.

The students belonging to MPC and BPC are eligible for enrolling into the course.


The vision of the department is

  1. To prepare the students for the digital world and make them capable to explore the field of Digital Forensics

  2. To enhance the employability of the students.

  3. To impart knowledge to the students in a manner where they are always presented with choices regarding their higher education and career path.

  4. To establish a Digital Forensic labs which will let the students explore and gain expertise in this field.


The department to achieve its vision runs with a mission of

  1. Education with practical and real world knowledge.

  2. Provide them with on field experiences to understand the role of forensic expert.

  3. To impart knowledge in traditional forensics also in an attempt to give them the overall world of Forensics. n the areas of conventions and Digital Forensics.

  4. Providing students with education of worthy standards and parallelly also provide certifications of international standard.


Digital Forensics


Focus Areas

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Digital Forensics and Investigation

  • Cyber Crimes and Law

  • Memory Forensics

  • Mobile Forensics

  • Operating System Forensics

  • Advances in Digital Forensics


Innovative Pedagogies

  • Smart board teaching

  • Forensic tools training

  • Minor project in traditional forensics

  • Major project in Digital Forensics


Skill Development

  • Coding skills: Programming skills in C. Java, and Python

  • Digital Forensics Tool training

  • EC Council CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker Certification


Internship & Placements

  • Internship in legal agencies and industries.

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