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Dr. Rajareddy


BSc, MSc, Ph.D(Agriculture)

Programme Over-View

The academic has been framed with a balanced semester-based course structure and curriculum which promotes exploration, innovation and research. We educate through training instruction farms, crop museums, and herbal gardens for experiential learning. We also include Rural Agricultural Work Experience with a duration of 60 days of training in rural farms where the students get more – hands -on experience.

Multi-disciplinary approach for a well-rounded education in the field of agriculture, we include courses on a variety of subjects including agricultural economics. Genetics, biotechnology and rural development.

- Agricultural sciences

- Agronomy

- Genetics and plant breeding

- Soil sciences and agriculture chemistry

- Entomology

- Agricultural economics

- Plant pathology

- Horticulture

- Agricultural extension and communication

  • To emphasize a primary commitment to students through quality teaching from well prepared, technologically proficient, professionally competent faculty.

  • To provide "hands on" agricultural experience through classroom, experiential and farm laboratory instruction.

  • To develop, maintain, and improve diverse, technologically current farm and programmatic laboratories that support the educational objectives of the department.

  • To provide public and university service to support the educational and technical needs of agriculture students and the agriculture industry of the service region.

  • To perform practical research and/or remain technologically proficient through involvement in research oriented activities.

  • The agriculture programme is a multi-disciplinary and experiential learning based educational programme that prepares students for productive courses in the diverse field of agriculture.

Students will demonstrate knowledge, integrative skills & technical competences in multiple areas of agricultural sciences emerging technologies in the field and their application.

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