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It gives me tremendous pride in welcoming you to the Department of CSE - Internet of Things (IoT) at MRU, Hyderabad, which was formed in the year 2020, as one of the foremost desirable specializations that cater to modern and future expectations. The Department of IoT is the most thriving and widespread discipline, with remarkable Innovation in Communication, Computation, and Interactivity Technologies. The course curriculum, which was created with the help of industry professionals, exposes students to recent scientific and technical breakthroughs. Our mission is to equip students with a blend of academic and practical experiences that will prepare them to meet a wide range of social requirements and making them industry-ready.


The department is dedicated to quality in teaching, research, and providing the suitable echo system for students' developing professional talents. The department features a staff of highly skilled and dedicated faculty members who guide students and help them become internationally competent in the core domain's current technology. The Department offers opportunity for students to develop their managerial and soft skills through numerous activities, resulting in substantial experts and well-groomed graduates. The department provides lectures, seminar, workshops, symposiums, conferences, and interactive sessions with the industry experts to inspire the students by improving their problem solving skills and innovation of new technologies.

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Dr. G. Anand kumar

B. Tech, M. Tech, Ph. D

We, at the Department of Internet of Things inculcate a sense of pride and confidence in our students, to face the challenges of the ever-changing Technological Innovations. The Department strives not only to make the students Tech-savvy, but also to groom them as humane citizens of the society, who are going to be the inspiration for future generations.


The IoT career opportunities that currently exist could never be even imagined or thought of before, and they are likely to expand further as new technologies and applications emerge. Therefore, IoT professionals have the chance to explore diverse and exciting fields and contribute to the innovation and advancement in the field of IoT. The choices presented before you are endless.

I welcome you as an undergraduate student to the Department of Internet of Things and would like to be a part of your success. I applaud the faculty, staff, and students on their exceptional contribution to bring the department prosperity and recognition.

Best wishes to everyone!!!


Department of Internet of Things

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