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About Department of Biotechnology


The Department of Biotechnology has distinguished faculty from academia, Industry, and research. Faculty members are from varied specializations to impart their skills on the latest technologies for B. Sc. (Honors) students.

Department of Biotechnology emphasizes overall growth and guides the students as per their keen interest in taking extra courses offered by NPTEL, OOPS, WHO, and Coursera. The Department encourages the students by providing short-term/add-on courses apart from the curriculum's subjects to uplift the students to meet the growing needs of the Industry.

The Department is vital in nurturing students with up-to-date knowledge of Biotechnology. The Department frequently conducts seminars and invited talks with the support of experienced resource persons from the Industry. Workshops, Guest lectures, and hand on sessions are conducted regularly to put into practice the theoretical concepts learned in the classrooms.

"The foundation of our world is biology, and once we begin to comprehend it, it becomes technology."


To become a Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology, fostering professionals to meet national and international organizations' research and professional needs and generate new ideas to tackle real-world challenges through ongoing research, innovation, and industry-led curriculum.

  • To become a department of international reputation in Biotechnology through quality teaching and translational research.

  • To adopt innovative teaching methodologies and practical oriented curriculum to fulfill the professional aspirations of students

  • To empower and encourage students for product-oriented translational research for the sustainable development of society.

  • To inculcate ethical and moral values among the students to become responsible citizens.



The curriculum is designed under the Ministry of Allied Health Sciences' 2021 guidelines (THE NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR ALLIED AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONS ACT, 2021). The curriculum imparts.

  • Application of research on human and other life forms and their interactions with the environment.

  • Develop new knowledge and solve human health and environmental problems.

  • Work in diverse fields such as bacteriology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology, and virology.

  • Collects, analyses, and evaluates experimental and field data to identify and develop new prophylactics and therapeutics.

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​​B.SC Bio-Technology

To motivate and cultivate students with the most up-to-date knowledge in Biotechnology, ethics, teamwork, leadership skills, innovation, and creativity so that they can produce solutions that meet societal requirements.

Programs Offered

U.G. Programs


B.Sc. (Honors) Medical Biotechnology

B. Sc. (Honors) Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology

B.Sc. (Honors) Medical Biotechnology


B.Sc. (Honors) Medical Biotechnology is a comprehensive course showcasing technological advancement. It is a diverse field that makes cutting-edge discoveries in healthcare. The Medical Biotechnology Programme in the School of Allied Health Sciences, established in 2021 at Malla Reddy University, provides a comprehensive curriculum with the knowledge and hands-on practical training aligned to the market need. The delivery of this Programme is supported by a team of experienced and passionate professionals specializing in various fields of Biotechnology. The course delivery methods include lectures, lab work, industrial training, assignments, workshops, etc. Students are also encouraged to take up a research project. Besides the training in practical skills, the students will also be equipped with interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills to prepare them for the workplace.


The Department highlights the following areas under internal research groups: Human Genetics, Neurovascular Biology, Biomaterials, Cell & Tissue Culture, Immuno-technology, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, and Plant Molecular Biology.


U.G. Research opportunities


Students participate in research projects in different fields where faculty work on the most recent technological advances.


Online Learning


The Department of Biotechnology encourages students to enroll in the various free MOOC certificate programs provided by WHO, NPTEL, Coursera, and other allied platforms. Several additional certifications are planned. The students will be able to comprehend and study various fundamental and advanced specialized courses to further develop their areas of interest.

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